What Is An Employee Rights Attorney (And Do You Need One)?

What Is An Employee Rights Attorney (And Do You Need One)?

Throughout the legal justice system, there are a number of different classifications of lawyers and attorneys one may use. In instances where you are an employee that is dealing with employment-based challenges in your career or at the workplace, you may need to speak with an employee rights attorney.

Employee rights attorneys, also known as employee rights lawyers or employment law attorneys, are legal attorneys that are specialized in handling employment-based legal violations. Here, they are used to advise employees as well as employers on what the state and federal laws include to ensure a fair and protected work experience for everyone involved.

What Issues Do Employee Rights Attorneys Handle?

Because they handle work-related legal issues, employee rights attorneys can be expected to handle a specific set of situations. These include:

  • Wrongful Termination & Contract Violations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination In The Workplace
  • Disability-based Violations
  • Labor Union Disputes
  • Whistleblower Safety & Protection
  • and more

Who Should Use An Employee Rights Attorney?

If you are an employee of any kind and are dealing with challenges in the workplace, you can seek the aid or assistance of an employee rights attorney. Generally, you are more likely to need (and receive) legal assistance if you are not currently part of a particular labor union. This is because most unions tend to have certain workplace protections already built-in.

Because non-union employees are often powerless to make any lasting impact on a business or corporation on their own, it is essential to hire an expert in the field to represent them while also ensuring that their best interests are being focused on.

When Is It A Good Time To Hire An Employee Rights Attorney?

As mentioned earlier, many of these employees are at a great disadvantage when out of a union as opposed to when they are in one. Because of this, you must seek out an employee rights attorney if you suspect that any of your rights are being infringed upon. This can range from the following:

  • You have been barred from receiving any and all benefits you are entitled to
  • You are suffering from a physical disability and have suffered discrimination as a result
  • You have dealt with harassment or discrimination as a result of your race, gender, or orientation
  • You have been forced to waive any previously entitled employee rights away

Where To Find An Employee Rights Attorney?

Based on the referenced situations above, you may be in need of an employment attorney right now. This may be particularly true for those dealing with physical disabilities. Be sure to check your local firms and legal practices for the best attorneys in your area. You want to be as specific as possible for as refined a practice as possible.

As an example, if you are someone who is in LA and suffering from a disability-related employment issue, you would be right to look for any disability rights attorney Los Angeles had in your immediate area.

Finding an attorney to help with your case is incredibly important and should not be delayed.