How Cremation Services Work

How Cremation Services Work

Cremation services offer an alternative option to a traditional burial if you or a family member passes away. When planning ahead, many are starting to choose cremation as their burial option since the process costs significantly less, relieving some financial burden on the grieving family. Arlington Cremation Services are a crematorium offering services burial arrangements in Huntington Beach, California.

All of the same options are provided with cremation as you’d expect from a traditional burial. The service can take place in a funeral home, beside the burial place, or at home. At Arlington’s crematorium, we offer a witnessing room that allows the family and friends a place to come together and offer rest to the one who died. The remains are transferred to an urn where they can be taken to the burial ground, place of disposition, or at home with loved ones to remain.

Why Plan a Cremation Service

One of the main advantages of choosing a cremation service over a conventional burial is that the cost is much cheaper. While the whole process of cremation will often cost only a third of the price in comparison, we at Arlington Cremation Services offer them even cheaper. Savings of around 50% of what you’d have to pay for a traditional service and burial can be expected with us. No hidden costs are included so that you know exactly what the amount will be when it comes to paying for the service. Every life deserves a respected memorial and that’s what we strive to offer here.

Since the cost can be a major factor in planning a burial service, we can see how choosing cremation can be a much more affordable option. As well as cost, there are other reasons why Arlington Cremation Services will be a great one for you to choose:

  • Almost 30 years of experience offering crematory services
  • No membership fees (payment is only required for each individual service)
  • Staff available 24 hours a day to provide assistance with plans and answer any questions as needed

For further information about the services we provide, please check out our website here. You can register an account with us and complete the release form to take up our services. Feel free to contact us also to discuss arrangements by phone or by writing to us on the website. At Arlington, we offer the lowest prices possible to ease the financial burden and stress at what already is a difficult time.